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Mauer Athletics

Mauer Viper 2.0

Mauer Viper 2.0

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Mauer Viper 2.0

The long awaited Mauer Viper is crafted for performance, designed to last.

Cut- the Viper features a negative cut which gives a tight close fit to the hand for comfort and ease when handling the ball.

Palm- featuring (Mauer) German Contact Latex, our latex provides excellent grip for maximum control when handling the ball.

Wrist- with elastic wrist strap provides optimal comfort and stabilization to the wrist. 

Entry way- with an easy entry for the Viper by cutting the entryway neoprene and sewing it individually to provide the ease of sliding your hand in and out of the glove. 

Backhand- the backhand is comprised of embossed silicone to provide a maximum punching area.

Finger protection- Available with or without protection. 

RECOMMENDED FOR- Top training and match play.

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