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Mauer Athletics

Mauer Eikon 1.0 Black

Mauer Eikon 1.0 Black

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Mauer Eikon 1.0 Black

Mauer Iconic glove new version of the Eikon .

Cut: The Eikon features a negative cut which provides a tight close fit to the hand for tightness and simplicity when catching the ball.

Palm: Featuring (Mauer) German Supreme Contact Latex, this latex provides excellent grip in all conditions when handling the ball. 

Wrist Strap: A double elastic wrist strap allows for tightness and customization for the goalkeeper. 

Styck Interior Grip: Our anti slip interior gripping technology provides a full fit to the gloves that enhances grip and your ability to catch the ball. 

Backhand: The backhand is comprised of an embossed silicone punching zone to increase distance on punches. 

Finger protection: None.

Recommended for top training and match play in any condition.

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