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Copa Football S.S. Lazio Messenger Bag Limited

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COPA Football S.S. Lazio Messenger Bag

This wonderful messenger bag is part of COPA Football's collection that features a line of unique bags that are made of recycled football shirts.

Recycling is the key word for this concept designed by Industrial Designer Mélanie Iten from Switzerland. With this concept she graduated from the Dutch Design Academy in Eindhoven (The Netherlands) and she has teamed up with us. 

The vintage shirts are hand selected at clothing recycling companies. After the washing procedure the shirts are hand cut, stitched, fixated to firm inner layers and formed into a durable bag.

The result: an exclusive bag made of a recycled football shirt, one of its kind. The line consists of four different designs: a practical courier bag, a handy shopping bag, an original football bag that is stylish and unique to person who has it. 

The perfect one of the kind item that no one will have but you.


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